Printable Catalog with Mintage Statistics for Items Designed and Minted by Daniel Carr / Moonlight Mint.

Items available for sale can be ordered at, or by printing and mailing the order form below.


General Information and History.

A Letter From the US Mint Director.

Custom Minting Examples.

ICG Signature Series State Quarters - New York and Rhode Island.

Items Designed by Daniel Carr and Minted by Others.

Large Castings.

Moonlight Mint Grabener Coin Press Medals.

Fantasy Over-Struck Coins.

Alternate Currencies, UNA Ameros, Trade Dollars.

Clark Gruber & Pioneer Bullion Coins.

Lesher Dollars.

Treasure Cobs.

Hard Times Tokens.

Club Medals.

Commemorative Medals.

Portrait Medals.

Commemorative Tokens.

Special Event Tokens.

World Trade Coins, Britannia Stonehenge.

Concept Dollars.

Alternate State Quarters - Colorado, Maine, Nevada.

Altered States "CARRter Dollar" Parody State Quarters.

Order Form.

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