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Moonlight Mint – Gallery of Minted Items by Daniel Carr


2008 Moonlight Mint Grabener coin press medal - “25” (quarter-dollar) size shown, “1”, “5”, “10”, and “50” sizes also minted:


2008 Hard Times token, 39mm, pure copper, satin finish:


2008 Carson City Founding Sesquicentennial medal (patina applied after strike):


“1964-D” Peace Dollar re-strike.   Struck over Peace dollars dated 1922-1935.   No metal is added to, or removed from, the host coins.   Technically these are not a “copy” because they are genuine Peace Dollars (over-struck), yielding a date that (according to the government) does not exist:


2009 “Weed Money” Hard Times Token:


2011 1-Amero copper, toned:


2011 5th Anniversary 5-coin Union of North America Amero silver set (common reverse side is shown center bottom):


“1927-D” Oregon Trail Half Dollar struck on .900 fine gold from a St. Gaudens Double Eagle:


“1816” Capped Bust half dollar over-struck on a circa 1807-1836 Capped Bust silver half dollar (toned):


2012 “Exchange Currency” token with hologram:


Many more coming soon …